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Low Cost Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Kitchen remodels are some of the most popular home renovation projects in America. However, the cost for the average kitchen renovation may go over $25,000—a budget that’s out of reach for many families. The good news is there are many ways to improve your kitchen’s look without spending thousands of dollars. Here are four things you can do to upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Update Your Lighting

Thirty years ago, recessed lighting was all the rage in kitchens, but it looks dated today. An LED lighting kit may be all it takes to refresh the lighting in your kitchen. LED lighting is bright white, mimicking the look of natural daylight. The best part is that LED lighting conversion kits are inexpensive and easy to install, even for people with limited DIY skills. With an investment of $15-$20 and about 15 minutes of your time per installation, updating your lighting is a great first step toward improving your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Paint Your Floor

Consider refinishing or painting wood floors, whether the whole floor is hardwood or you have a plywood subfloor underneath vinyl flooring. Painting your floor delivers a dramatic new look for a relatively small investment. Hiring a professional to refinish your wood floor may cost over $2,000, but you can probably purchase enough paint to do it yourself for about $40. It’s a time-consuming job, but not a difficult one, and the great results for such a low price will be well worth your efforts.

An Island on Wheels

Kitchen islands are very popular additions in remodels. However, a fully functional kitchen island can easily add $10,000 to your budget. If that kind of investment is beyond your capabilities, you can still get much of the functionality for a fraction of the cost with a wheeled kitchen cart. Kitchen carts come in a range of sizes and are available in nearly every style you can imagine. If you’re into DIY, it’s easy to customize a kitchen cart with some paint or a stain. They’re available at any home center, but if you’re good with tools, you could build your own.

New Cabinet Doors

New cabinets may be 30% of the cost of your kitchen remodel. Unless you’re changing the floor plan of your kitchen completely, you probably don’t need entirely new cabinets. You can still change their appearance and save thousands of dollars by replacing the doors of your existing cabinets. If purchasing new doors is still too expensive or impractical, you could stain or repaint them, or even remove them entirely for a modern, open-shelf look.

Full remodels are expensive, but there are tons of simple and effective ways to improve the look, style, and functionality of your kitchen without spending thousands of dollars. Try some of these smart, low-cost renovations yourself. What are your ideas? Any plans? Let us know call Team Stevens & Manley 508-648-0013.